Working together, you will learn to make peace with food without dieting so that you can live with freedom, passion, and joy


Are you ready to end the restriction/binge cycle? Are you looking to free your mind from constant thoughts of food? Are you longing to stop counting calories, macros, and anything else that the latest diet requires? If so, I will support you all the way.

I’m Lisa, an Intuitive Eating & Wellness Coach, and I am eager to get to know you. With a non-diet, weight-neutral approach, we will work together to create lasting behavior changes so that you can live your best life.  



Find out how I came to intuitive eating and how it can help you to live your happiest, healthiest life. 

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Because I worked with Lisa, I was able to recognize and change old habits I had around food, which were also carrying over into the rest of my life. With her help, I made a series of small changes that felt good every step of the way, and those small steps led to me feeling more free and happy on a daily basis.
— Mallory, New York