DO YOU EVER DREAM about the very best version of yourself, or the kind of person that you want to be? If you’re anything like me, you absolutely do. Perhaps you picture yourself mobilizing your friends for a spa day or even a cross-country road trip. Or maybe you dream of opening a quaint cafe with cracked mugs and homemade blueberry muffins. Or perhaps you wish for an afternoon with your kids where you laugh and giggle, and are fully present when their little voices speak to you. You want to be the kind of person who STRENGTHENS relationships, who DARES to be bold, and who ENGAGES in all of life’s precious moments. You are not alone in having these dreams, and you are not alone if you put them on hold because you struggle to make peace with food like I have.  

These were some of my old truths, and they prevented me from becoming the best version of myself. Do any of these statements sound familiar to YOU?

  • I think about food all the time

  • I feel out of control around certain foods

  • I use food to help soothe negative emotions like boredom and loneliness

  • I count calories because I do not trust my body to tell me how much to eat

  • I diet because I know that I am not meant to be this size

  • I have eating habits that feel too embarrassing to talk about with anyone


What if you could eliminate these struggles from your life?

You absolutely can, and I will teach you how. 

Individualized Intuitive Eating and Wellness Coaching will lead you to peace with food and an overall feeling of serenity as your actions begin to reflect your values.

You will learn how to trust your body, which removes the need for calorie counters and scales. You will eat foods that you enjoy because nothing is considered wrong or bad. And you will have time to discover and cultivate what’s really important to you because food thoughts will occupy so much less of your mind. In other words, you will live more authentically.

You do not need to increase your knowledge of food, but you ARE looking to rebuild your experience with eating. 


What to expect from our working together

Your personalized coaching sessions will always focus on you. Your history with food and dieting will be honored and respected. As you work to change your experience with eating, you will feel safe and supported. You will never experience judgement or criticism. You are welcome to be fully you.

Our conversations together build self-trust, which enables you to feel comfortable around food no matter the situation.



~At our first appointment, we will talk about your food history, what your present relationship with eating and your body looks like, and what you desire for your future.

Follow Up Sessions:

~We will explore how the diet mentality is showing up in your life and how it may be the root cause of your food-related struggles.

~You will learn how to use new empowerment tools, such as limiting belief deconstruction, which allow you to feel good about your food choices and your here-and-now body.

~We will talk about the benefits of making peace with all food, even the ones that you currently consider to be off limits. In the process, you will practice new skills, such as cultivating nonjudgmental mindfulness, that build self-trust and allow you to eat a wider range of food without guilt or remorse.

~I will help you get reacquainted with your unique hunger and fullness signals. This is especially helpful if out of sheer habit you frequently finish an entire plate of food, regardless of how hungry or full you are.

~You will learn how to identify triggers that lead to emotional eating. You will also practice building skills that allow you to cope in other ways, in addition to identifying what your true needs are.

~Together we will paint a picture of what eating healthfully looks like for you. It will likely include variety, moderation, and balance.



  • Initial Consultation: $150 / 75 minutes

  • Single Follow Ups: $125 / 60 minutes

  • 5- Pack Follow Ups: $550 (save $75) / 60 minutes

  • 10- Pack Follow Ups: $1000 (save $250) / 60 minutes

Coaching conversations will take place through Zoom or over the phone. However, if you are based in New York City, we can explore working together in person.

Click on the button below to set up your free 20 minute discovery conversation with me. Once you submit, I will respond to you within 24 hours.

About Lisa Kam

I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it. Okay, so I’ve never tried the Atkins Diet or participated in Weight Watchers, but I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin. I’ve been so ashamed of my eating habits that talking about them with anyone felt unbearable. I’ve eaten low-cal and I’ve eaten ALL THE BROWNIES. I’ve made promises to myself, and I’ve fallen short.

But now I experience life from a place of recovery. I am free from disordered eating and body shame. This is what I want for you. I am a certified nutrition coach, but more importantly, we’ve shared the same pain, and as a result, I know how to guide you to your own, individual place of recovery.



Who is coaching for?

  • I still have thoughts of weight loss, but I’m ready to explore whether or not this desire is serving me.

  • I want to get curious. I want to tune into what my body truly wants, and I want to begin to honor that.

  • I do not understand why veggies aren’t necessarily a better choice than cake. But I’d like to hear how this could be true!