Intuitive Eating is a non-diet approach to health and wellness that helps us tune into our body’s signals, break the cycle of chronic dieting, and heal our relationship with food.

In short: intuitive eating is normal eating.

We are all born as natural intuitive eaters.

Babies cry when they are hungry and pull away when they are comfortably full and satisfied. Young children automatically know what foods appeal to them, and they know exactly when they’d prefer to eat their food or, instead, use it as an art medium to create a masterpiece on their tray.

We start to lose our ability to eat intuitively when rules and restrictions are set around food. We learn to finish our entire plate. We learn that sweets are a reward for good behavior. We learn that we must eat our vegetables before we can have a cookie.

Unfortunately rules and restrictions pull our focus away from how our body feels and what it actually wants or needs.

Therefore, instead of teaching us how to follow a meal plan or measure out portion sizes, Intuitive Eating shows us how to eat outside of the diet mentality, how to focus on internal cues like hunger, fullness and satisfaction, and how to turn down the volume on external voices that simply ignore our inner wisdom. It also addresses the importance of respecting our body, regardless of weight or shape.