Hi, I'm Lisa Kam. Welcome!


This is what I want for you

Joy, freedom, peace, and love. A life that is in line with your values. The ability to live mindfully and presently.  More room in your heart for the things that matter to you.


This is what I have, and this is what I will help you achieve.

I am an Intuitive Eating and Wellness Coach who came to coaching after struggling for over a decade with food, eating, and body image issues. My friends and family are warm and kind. My current city is bursting at the seams with cultural events and shops to explore. Yet I spent the majority of my time alone, safe on my couch with my favorite dessert foods and TV shows. I knew that I was a passive participant in my own life, but I didn’t know how to change. Was it even possible to change?

I was so tired. Tired from hiding and from pretending. Tired from trying and from failing. I finally decided that I needed help and support if I was going to be free from disordered eating and body shame.  

Ready to change

The work that I put in with my coach was slow, gentle, and non-linear. I worked hard to detach myself from dieting rules and the dieting mindset. I gave myself permission to focus on self-compassion instead of weight loss. I gained confidence by incorporating new eating habits, and I learned to trust myself with food.

So here I am today - actively living! And as my heart opened, I began to see that I want the same for all women. How amazing would the world be if we could eliminate the power that food holds over us and start living with freedom and passion? So I set out to learn from like-minded women, I earned a coaching certification, and I started to help women heal their own relationships with their body and with food.

Now it's your turn

YOU are the driving force. Along with your strong desire for change, I will help you:

Don't let yourdreams be dreams (1).jpg

I absolutely believe that you have the power to create the life that you want. Are you ready?

Before coaching with Lisa, I never really listened to my intuition when it came to food. She opened up my mind to a new way of thinking.
— Eileen, Boston